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Trevor McFarlane Bio

I run an influential intelligence network for CEOs and senior government officials in the Middle East. With this background, I never imagined I would have co-founded a travel business: We Love Transformational Travel. How did it happen? It changed when I started taking transformational travel holidays. I saw firsthand how different types of people within the same group walked away with different yet real transformations.

I met high-achieving individuals who absorbed tactics and techniques that made them better versions of themselves. I saw ordinary people who felt stuck in a rut make breakthroughs, nudging their lives back on track. I witnessed fragile adults process and, overcome, childhood trauma.

On these trips, I made friends with distinct types of people who by the end of their journeys felt enriched in one way or another; whether it was happier, healthier, fitter, smarter, more peaceful, less anxious, more confident, better connected or merely ready for life. They left with a sense of meaning and purpose, and it was done through the joy of travel.

I wanted to be part of that.

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