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Centre Yourself With Sound Healing in India
Per Person
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21 Oct 2022 - 30 Oct 2022
10 Days
Shekhawati Region, India
9 Nights
All Meals (Vegetarian) Included
Maximum of 12 People
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How This Trip Will Change Your Life

You will learn how to connect with the vibration (Nada) within you and use it to heal and empower yourself on a psychological, emotional or physical level.


Shekhawati is located in the northeast part of Rajasthan, India. It is is frequently referred to as India’s Open Art Gallery, due to the vibrant symphony of its art and architecture.

This retreat, in Shekhawati, is a unique combination of traditional Indian practices and the power of music. The facilitator is a musician and a vibrational healer who has created Nada Vibronics, a system of healing sound, which offers profound healing, holistic wellbeing and personal empowerment.

The itinerary for the nine nights includes two nights at a New Delhi city hotel and seven nights at a 100-year-old refurbished haveli (mansion). During this time you will learn about the tools of vibration, or Nada, within you within you and use it to heal and empower yourself on a psychological, emotional or physical level.

What's Included
  • Return transfers to Delhi Airport
  • Overland drive to Shekhawati and return drive to Delhi
  • Nine nights accommodation on single share basis
  • Two nights accommodation stay at a modern four star hotel in Delhi on a bed and breakfast basis
  • Seven nights stay in a boutique homestay on full board basis (vegetarian meals only)
  • Daily meals are included (vegetarian/ vegan)
  • Vibrational sciences sessions for self- empowerment and healing
  • Introduction to music and ancient sound healing techniques
  • Pranayama and breath-work sesions
  • Chakra healing with Beeja Mantras
  • Mudras for healing
  • Sri Yantra sciences
  • Sri Vidya visualization therapies for purification and healing
  • Introduction to Ayurvedic healing
  • Healing with the Dasho-Mahavidyas (10 Wisdom Goddess)
  • Unleashing potential with the four Maha-Shaktis
  • Inner journeys for healing
  • Healing massages
  • Herbal remedies
  • Ayurvedic massages
  • A heritage walk
  • Special Diwali celebrations
  • A visit to a women’s cooperative for a craft tour

Good to Know

– The beautiful haveli cum homestay is a restored mansion which is a conservation project of the owner
– The hotel employs all local staff, primarily women
– Food served is very local and seasonal, and indigenous to the area
– This is a plastic free travel itinerary
– A workshop with a local women’s cooperative is included

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