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Embrace the Power of Sisterhood in South Africa
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05 Oct 2022 - 09 Oct 2022
5 Days
Kruger National Park, South Africa
4 Nights Included
Small Group
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How This Trip Will Change Your Life

Being close to nature has a host of physical and emotional benefits. On top of that, the benefits of mindfulness and meditation are well documented. Ideal for reintroducing balance, calming anxiety and stress and contributing to your physical wellbeing.


The African Bushveld is a sub-tropical woodland ecoregion in Southern Africa and one of the most mineral-rich regions of the world.

Welcome to five days of uninterrupted digital detox while hiking, camping and spending time in guided meditations and mindfulness practices in the Greater Kruger National Park. Not only do meditation and the serene Bushveld combine beautifully, but it’s also a beautiful opportunity to make new friendships.

This women-only hike safari and mindfulness retreat is facilitated by Leanne Glanville. Leanne is a mindfulness, breathwork and yoga teacher, a certified counsellor, facilitator for Mindfulness Revolution as well the co-owner of the Sandton Yoga Lounge and founder of Yoga Bars. To augment the excellent facilitation of this retreat, she is joined by either, our Remarkable Transformer, Lutz Otto, a seasoned wilderness guide, leadership consultant and accredited coach, or Chris Prinsloo a highly experienced wilderness guide and advocate with extensive experience in medical law.

As you push your body with the hiking, the practices and check-in’s will lead you to a place of calm and happiness and that will stay with you long after you return. Days will start early with meditation and then a hike to a new campsite in the coolness of morning. Walking through the African bush is the most exciting way to see nature and wildlife on its own terms. You will be gently guided through a variety of daily practices by insightful and experienced experts in the field.

Based on deep research wilderness, adventure and movement is purposely used as a platform for these transformative immersions. The trails are not designed to be strenuous, however a base level of fitness is required. It’s important to note that this trip is not for those looking for a walking safari experience only. If you are feeling uncertain about this being the right choice for you, you can simply schedule a call here to discuss your concerns.

What's Included
  • A five-day fully guided safari hike
  • All guided meditations and mindfulness practices
  • The trails are led by two highly experienced, qualified and legally registered Big 5 wilderness guides
  • You will be accompanied by Leanne Glanville, mindfulness, breathwork and yoga teacher, a certified counsellor, facilitator for Mindfulness Revolution and Lutz Otto, the owner of Spirited Adventures and Consulting, one of South Africa’s most experienced wilderness guides and a leadership consultant
  • You will be assisted with your preparation for the trail also. This includes as much open and transparent communication as needed, packing checklists and two detailed presentations; the first will prepare you from a technical backpacking perspective and the second is an introduction to the retreat itself.

Good to Know
– International flights are not included
– Travel insurance is strongly recommended
– The trails are self-catered and require backpacking equipment. All Spirited Adventures clients receive preferential discounts on equipment bought from Drifters Adventures Centre in either Gauteng or Cape Town and equipment rented from Scuttle. Details will be shared upon booking.
– For full/private groups, this programme can also be run in a mobile trails camp specifically set up for you

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