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Success & Leadership
European Values Leadership Course
Per Person
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30 Nov 2021 - 05 Nov 2022
1 Year
Berlin, Athens, Paris, Rome, Warsaw, Brussels
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Additional Cost
Maximum of 14 Participants
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In Berlin, Athens, Rome, Paris and Brussels, participants of the European Values Leadership Course will explore the significance of Europe’s fundamental values – besides solidarity, these are freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and human rights.

The aim of this course is to ensure that all participants ultimately reflect on these values, and on the way these values influence their own actions in both the personal and professional spheres.

Having a sound knowledge, from direct sources, of the ways in which Europeans deal with their shared history, both within and beyond our national frontiers, will enrich each individual, which will lead to greater personal wisdom, mutual understanding and trust.

This is a new international English-language course, so Comenius is inviting freethinking, enthusiastic leaders, executives and directors from the countries around the world to participate.

More information? Download the brochure here.

What To Expect
  • A wide range of speakers from academic, political, cultural, industrial, religious and spiritual backgrounds provoking new insights and stimulate meaningful dialogues, all while exploring engaging European locations
  • The moderator will act as the stable centre within this dynamic structure
  • From the many insights, dilemmas, questions and doubts raised, the moderator will distill, along with you, the key themes for reflection and personal enrichment
  • During these contemplative pauses, you will reflect on how the material you have heard can enhance your personal development and leadership skills, and help to shape a vision for the future
  • The moderator will provide guidance throughout these sessions, with close attention and care
  • The Socratic dialogue is an indispensable instrument in this process

Good To Know
– The fee excludes meeting arrangements, locations, transfers, accommodation and meals, for which an additional €9,100 will be charged.
– International and domestic flights are not included. Participants will travel to the locations at their own expense.
– All dates and locations are subject to change
– Comenius reserves the right to change module locations, if needed for security reasons.
– Security will be carefully monitored through national government departments and in accordance with our standards.

Module 1 - Berlin
30th November - 3rd December 2021
Module 2 - Athens
1st February - 4th February 2022
Module 3 - Paris
5th April - 8th April 2022
Module 4 - Rome
7th June - 10th June 2022
Module 5 - Warsaw
6th September - 9th September 2022
Module 6 - Brussels
2nd November - 5th November 2022

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