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Become A Leader of the Future in Switzerland
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01 Jul 2022 - 21 Jul 2021
3 Weeks
Zürich, Switzerland
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This Leadership in the Future of Work course from University of Zurich offers a three-week journey for students from around the world, giving them the opportunity to explore the future of work from a range of different angles and perspectives, while reflecting on their own role as current and future leaders.

From large corporations to governments, from international organizations to renowned academic institutions – everyone wants to know what the future of work will bring.

But which forecasts and predictions really hold? How can we distinguish substance from noise? Which topics really matter? And what actions can or should we take in our own lives to create the version of the future that we actually want?

With a mix of instruction and hands-on exercises, students will discover ways to better understand, prepare for, and ultimately shape the future of work.

This course is for advanced Bachelor students, Master students and experienced practitioners.

Programme Structure
  • Identifying key themes and approaches to studying the future of work
  • Understanding the role of leadership in shaping the future of work
  • Critically assessing predictions and forecasts and the role of different stakeholders
  • Understanding drivers, manifestations and implications of change
  • Identifying one’s own ability and role in shaping work-related change

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