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Leading Design Course in Spain
From €3,650
Per Person Sharing
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04 Oct 2021 - 07 Oct 2021
4 Days
Barcelona, Spain
3 Nights
All Meals Included
Maximum of 20 People
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Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is known for its art and architecture.

This training programme located in Barcelona is designed as an intensive, four day learning retreat with a focus on design and leading your teams and organisation. The experience will take you out of your daily work with an emphasis on removing distractions, and presents an opportunity to rethink, reset, and recharge in a supportive environment. This doesn’t mean that this retreat is a vacation. Instead, it is a full immersion in design leadership, and an investment in yourself and your career.

As design has become the key link between users and today’s complex and rapidly evolving digital and physical experiences, design leaders recognise that it’s not just the product of design or strategy, but the practice of design leadership that ultimately affects the customer experience. This learning retreat provides design leaders with a mix of theory, principles, practical guidelines, and the inspiration to create and lead design teams within all different types of organisations.

The key theme in moving from leading teams to leading organisations is managing complexity. As teams grow, most organisations experience the same set of symptoms: limited time and resources, involving the right people and teams, and lack of proven value. All of these can have a negative impact on designer happiness and design team success. To address this, the retreat is structured into three key areas of inspiration and practical learning: People, Practice, Platforms as essential pillars for design organisations.

A framework such as this supports having the right people working on the right things at the right time. You’ll explore the programmes that champion and support to get to the desired outcomes for each pillar: happier designers, better designers, and more effective teams.

On top of that, the retreat provides a focus on your own self-development with a unique opportunity to connect with a group of peers and experts in similar leadership positions. The course facilitators are experienced guides who have collectively designed roles, services, tools, and processes that drive adoption of design, design teams, and design organisations.

You can expect an intensive learning experience focused on elevating your skills with a mix of inspiration and practical tools to enhance your own design leadership.

What's Included
  • Three nights’ accommodation in a private room in an inspiring hotel in the heart of Barcelona
  • Nourishing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every day and unlimited coffee, tea, refreshment drinks and lots of fruit
  • Four full days of activities, such as workshops, talks, discussion, training and coaching sessions
  • A few surprises along the way!

Good to Know

– International flights are not included

What to Expect
Daily Best Practice Sharing
Each day a seasoned design leader will share his or her experiences, failures, learnings, and will have an open discussion with the group.
Knowledge Building
After an introduction to the five stages of Design Org Evolution a small team of experts will give daily mini-courses. Scientific studies and theories will be mixed with practical exercises.
Personal Skill Development
Each day a coach will guide the group in interpersonal and leadership skills. Become aware of your personal drivers, values and purpose, and learn how to transfer them to others. You will be able to book a private session (at no additional cost) to reflect on your leadership.
Sensory Perception
A good leader pays attention to the mind and body. We will eat healthy, delicious food, go to a live jazz concert, and enjoy the design around the city. Our breaks and escapes will let you listen to and sharpen your senses.
Your team members want a leader to whom they can relate. They need someone who is able to show who she or he really is. We create an intimate environment in which you learn to let your guard down and share your worries, struggles and concerns.
Peer-to-Peer Engagement
You will have plenty of spontaneous and planned conversations with your group members. We believe that an important part of this week is to have time to discuss and explore design leadership in a safe space, and build lasting, supportive relationships.

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