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Andrew Boddicker
Transforming Lives Since
Passionate About
Helping Others Reconnect to Nature and Themselves Through Walking

Andrew comes from a small town called, ironically enough, Walker, Iowa.

He is an adventurer and seeker at heart and strives to help others discover something new and transformative about themselves. He finds the best way to do this is through walking; long, contemplative, and restorative. He has operated Walking Space for three years and continues to grow and help people reconnect to nature and themselves through transformative experiences in nature. After many events it is easy to see how the care and effort taken in each walk can give agency, clarity, and purpose during their time on the trail.

He has lived in various locations around the United States and six years in London, UK. He taught music for ten years before taking the leap and starting Walking Space. It is never too late to try something new and reinvent yourself – he’d love to meet you on the trail and help you on your own journey.

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