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Ariane Lalakea and Beatriz Bernal
Transforming Lives Since
Passionate About
Transforming Shame and Domestication Into Wilderness, Freedom, Authenticity & Love

Meet Ariane Lalakea and Beatriz Bernal, the co-creatrixes of a community built around personal growth through conscious sexuality, more specifically around conscious kink.

They have both been on the path of self-development and spirituality for more than ten years, each one individually exploring classic and neo-tantra, yoga, massage, movement, breath-work and BDSM.

Their strong background in economics & management coupled with their respective experiences in corporate life as high-performers in leading international companies in Dubai and Singapore equipped them with an extraordinary balance of magic and pragmatism, as well as a strong understanding of different types of personalities from yogis to CEOs.

Their workshops and retreats now attracts high performers with a strong interest in personal growth who feel there is an expansion for them in the exploration of their sexuality.They also work with long-term couples wanting to re-ignite their passion and/or show more authentically to their partners.

To date Ariane and Beatriz have touched more than 1,000 lives through their xperiences, workshops and retreats all around the world. Throughout the years their desire to to help people transform shame and domestication into wilderness, freedom, authenticity, love and power has been reinforced and the power and depth of the spaces they create has multiplied.

They are focused on deep transformational work and offer week-long retreats for individuals and couples.

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