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Daniel Thomas Faller
Transforming Lives Since
South Korea
Passionate About
Connecting People, Inspiring Through Cultural Exchanges & Visual Storytelling

Daniel’s passion for photography and travel started when he was abroad on a peace mission. “Going to exotic and sometimes remote places where the present and future are in flux is a source of energy for development, growth, and new perspectives of life”, he says.

He’s interested in connecting with people, telling and sharing their stories. He’s an entrepreneur, Swiss born based in Seoul. A content creator and photographer, and founder of Schauplatz Korea Magazine, where artists, students, historians, philosophers, entrepreneurs, educators, photographers, mothers, and more come together to report between the poles of Confucianism and modernity, unvarnished and genuine.

He believes that a growth mindset and giving space for communities to co-create are paramount to one’s development. His passion and love to unveil the magic things in life, mindfully grow, slow down and thrive through the cultural exchange are part of the philosophy present in all his photo workshops and handcrafted tours – be inspired by new cultures, connect with people, and reinvigorate through transformational experiences.

It takes a sense of freedom to realize your dreams and passion to make the impossible possible – the present is all we have, so what keeps you from taking the chance?’ – Daniel Thomas Faller

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