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Feargal Doherty
Transforming Lives Since
Passionate About
Experiential Learning and Travel

Feargal’s passion for travel started when he was 17, leaving home and going to the traditional Irish city of Galway on the beautiful west coast to live and work. This journey has continued and never wavers to the current day. He’s always looking for the next adventure and to “step outside his comfort zone” and has taught English and lived in San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne, Hungary, Spain and travelled extensively all over Asia and the Pacific.

He’s currently working in educational tourism and is the European Project Manager for Foyle International Ltd. He oversees Erasmus work-based internships from all over Europe and also writes large funding applications to give local people the opportunity to experience different cultures, learn new working ethics and enhance their employability skills.

Through this experience, he learnt that personal growth is as important as professional development and that travel and tourism can increase drive, motivation and learning.

He believes that travel and experiential learning are paramount to one’s development. This includes tourism that focuses on history, culture, heritage, outdoor and therapeutic activities.

His company, Wild Atlantic Learning recognises the value of travel and our responsibility to implement provisions that are sustainable, Eco and will combat our carbon footprint.

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