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Frank Kelleter
Transforming Lives Since
Passionate About
Adventure as a Catalyst for Inner Transformation

In 2015, fuelled by his life long passion for horses, Frank and a friend decided to organise a horse riding adventure in Mongolia, which resulted in an impressive 24 horses and 14 people, riding for half a year on horseback through the Mongolian Steppe.

Following the success of this trip, he designed a similar one in Romania, for which he bought seven horses and rode for three months through the Transylvanian wilderness with a group of people. It was during this trip that he observed how combining the horse riding days with evening “inner” workshops, such as meditation, dance & movement, heart sharing circles, shamanic sessions, tantra sessions, yoga and breath work, all set in natural environment, made for a potential life transforming experience.

This itinerary became the essence of the one, two & three-week long horse riding trips that he offers today.
He believes that inner conflict and blockages can transform in a space of love and awareness, and this is what he aims to create for every group and trip he organises. He wants his guests to leave more connected to and with a better understanding of themselves than when they started.

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