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Joyce Youhanna
Transforming Lives Since
United Arab Emirates
Passionate About
Travel and Well-being

Joyce Youhanna’s journey into wellness started with herself. She needed to process her own traumas and heal her inner self first. When she saw the positive impact of this life-changing decision on her life and her family and loved ones, she felt a strong sense of duty to carry the torch.

Vie Retreats is a combination of Joyce’s biggest passions; travel and well-being. Her passion for travel started at a young age and brought her to Dubai in 2001 to join one of the most prestigious airlines in the world. By travelling the globe, she was fulfilling one of her dreams, while the other one was left on the back burner. Years passed, during which she accomplished many things. She fell in love, got married, started a family, and with that came bigger responsibilities and mental struggles which led her back to her second passion of work around mental health. By starting this journey in 2017, she regained her balance, and no balance is maintained without awareness, constant work, and relaxation.

To escape the UAE summer heat, Joyce and her family would retreat to the mountains of Europe. During one of these summers, she realised how energised she felt, and how she longed to carry out her therapies in these inspiring environments, transmitting this fresh energy to her clients. This is how Vie Retreats and the concept behind it came to life. She knew she needed to bring women here in the spirit of community to inspire and be inspired, to learn, heal, unwind, recharge, and above all have loads of fun, and returning home a better version of ourselves. Vie Retreats are curated and hosted by Joyce and some of the most inspiring women in the field she have met along the way.

She can’t wait to share it all with you!

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