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Rachel Gilmore
Transforming Lives Since
Passionate About
Helping People Reframe Their Thoughts

Rachel Gilmore is the Founder of Earth and Soul Adventures, which creates adventures & travel experiences for the open minded adventurer. The leaders. The brave. The seekers and explorers who want more out of their life, work and relationships. Those who are ready to see the world, themselves, and humanity through a new perspective. Those who upon returning home are committed to take actions that will change their lives, their communities, and the world. We believe that travel provides the perfect backdrop for transformation

Her highest purpose is to Love humanity! Her gift is helping humanity see the truth of who they are, what their gifts are, and teach people how to share their gifts with the world in a way that makes the greatest impact towards a better world for all of us.

Rachel has been self-employed since the age of 19 and has owned a variety of businesses, including a pet resort, a fitness studio, and a coaching practice, plus she’s trained in business, fitness, nutrition, NLP and so much more. Although she believes training is very important, she’s adamant that it’s her life experiences that have taught her the most, as after all the training and coaching programs, nothing transformed her like travelling abroad and seeing the world. After losing a business, marriage, dream home, her health and her brother she was at the end of the line physically, mentally & emotionally. She went on a search to find herself, to heal, to find purpose, happiness and true fulfillment in life. She found all of this, and more, and began to walk in that truth, helping others to do the same. It was on a transformational journey in South East Asia where she birthed Earth and Soul Adventures after experiencing the biggest breakthrough of her life.

From then on, she knew she was called to marry her passion for coaching and love for travel together to create a truly transformational experience for anyone who answers the call to adventure.

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