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Robert Grover and Gary Logan
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Awakening Awareness to Universal Truths And Higher Purpose

Gary Logan, ATCD

For more than 40 years Gary has developed a deep awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection within human beings. His journey of self-exploration began when he embarked on his career as an actor. Gary explored many ways into stillness of mind and body through fitness, meditation, music and dance, with a primary focus of studying the Alexander Technique with his first teacher in London, England. Throughout his life, Gary was continually learning that a deeper awareness of the psycho-physical connection would help him liberate the destructive subconscious programs from his childhood. Everything in Gary’s life, from teaching the Alexander Technique to Healing Touch, culminated into a quantum leap once he embarked on his first shamanic journey to assist him through a time of grief and mild depression.

The numerous personal and spiritual paths that he has explored were all woven together into a deep and broad tapestry of true soulful expression in collaboration with Robert to form The Journeymen Collective. Gary was shown the shamanic path is his higher purpose. He is deeply committed to awakening people from their slumber to help them access the richness of the present moment on an ever-increasing frequency.

Gary’s deep awareness of the psycho-physical connection, through the Alexander Technique, is a key distinction of The JourneyMen Collective work that prepares the whole being for the ceremonies and facilitates a dynamic integration process; from the spiritual to the physical embodiment of renewal. During spiritually intense work we often forget about the physical structure; as the human being releases old thought and emotional patterns from the quantum fabric of reality the physical structure requires support to unfurl away from the old faulty sensory awareness.

Gary lives through his mantra for life: JUST BE.

Robert Grover, MSc.
In 2003, Robert experienced a profound awakening which opened him to knowledge of deeper realms of existence. For the first two years, he was left with a typical western approach that left many questions unanswered and deeply unfulfilled.

Robert’s awareness was grounded into understanding reality when he discovered his first spiritual teacher. It changed the entire course of his life, leading him out of a successful corporate career that he pursued since his youth, onto an ever-evolving path of self-mastery. By following his deep inner guidance, Robert was led to his own shamanic journey, where he remembered that his higher purpose is to help others connect into their innate guidance systems and universal truths through the shamanic path. He learned to honour and offer the dynamic flow of unique metaphysical technology, that is continually unfurling within him, for the people that embark on their own journey.

Combining his lifelong exploration of science with mastery of his multisensory spiritual awareness allows each and every client to be energetically prepared for the shamanic journey. Robert’s quantum energy work provides a deep cleaning and clearing so that the client can activate their greatest potential from within themselves and be a human catalyst impacting the entire collective consciousness.

Rob lives through his mantra for life: Reconnect to Your Soul’s Remembering

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