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Sam Kankanamge
Transforming Lives Since
UK and Sri Lanka
Passionate About
Holistic Healthcare

Sam Kankanamge BSc (Hons) Osteo, DPO, Dip.Acu is an exceptional, world renowned healthcare professional, with over 25 years-experience transforming patients’ health, and has been called ‘the best back specialist in the country’ by The Times (2014).

Sam believes that helping people change their way of life is his skill and passion. His healing philosophy was strongly influenced by his earliest mentor and teacher, Anton Jayasuriya, the legendary Sri Lankan who introduced Acupuncture from China to the West, and ploughed back earnings from his best-selling ‘Bible of Acupuncture’ into treating a reputed million people free of charge.

In 2005, Sam founded the Sen Wellness Clinic in London’s medical district, a holistic healthcare centre offering osteopathy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, community events and retreats in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

The same year he also set up the Sen Wellness Foundation, a registered UK charity which has funded free treatments for hundreds of children and their families in the UK and Sri Lanka. In 2019, the Foundation’s work has expanded to include environmental sustainability, launching an exciting reforestation initiative contributing to the fight against climate change, and promoting biodiversity and livelihoods in Sri Lanka.

Sen Wellness Sanctuary is the result of Sam’s dream to support people in an even deeper way, and realising his vision of combining his experience working in the West with his Sri Lankan heritage, rooted in Ayurvedic traditions. His sensitive understanding of these different cultures, mindsets, challenges and needs is reflected in the authentic retreat centre he has created.

Sam is deeply committed to shifting his own level of consciousness and to bringing about positive consciousness changes on both individual and collective levels. He is a founding partner of SARSEN®, a global leadership movement to expand consciousness and spark profound personal and systemic transformation for the greatest impact.

Photo credit: Sylvia Lockhart

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