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2 Minutes With… Niamh Keohan, Co-Founder of We Love Transformational Travel

15 Nov 2021

Niamh Keohan was already planning We Love Transformational Travel, a first-of-its-kind booking platform for meaningful, transformational trips pre-pandemic. But after a year spent grounded and plagued by travel restrictions, it felt even more poignant. With travellers’ needs changing in the post-Covid travel era, We Love Transformational Travel looks to pair travellers with a trip that fulfils their needs, whether finding purpose, becoming happier and healthier, making an impact, personal growth, healing or connection.

For some, that might mean a photographic mobile safari camp experience across the Masai Mara, for others it could be a 10-day healing retreat. Whatever travellers are looking to achieve, the platform offers an array of experiences to make travel transformational, and allow guests to come away with healthy habits to introduce into their everyday.

Why did now feel like the right time to launch We Love Transformational Travel?

The idea was actually born before the pandemic, but despite the whole world shutting down, we decided to push ahead with it! Back then, we assumed there had to be a platform helping people like us get more out of every break, and when we couldn’t find one, we decided to create one.

So, it felt like the right time before Covid, but now, after everything the world has gone through, it feels necessary to have a platform like this available. The world has changed, and one of the many realisations from the past 18 months is that travel is no longer our “right”. We believe people will travel more mindfully and with more intent than before. If we’re going anywhere, we want to make sure it counts.

What kind of experiences can people expect?

We offer nine categories of trips, so, whether you’re a high performer, a stressed-out parent, an adventurer, someone who has gone through loss or trauma, is struggling with mental health, or just looking for a change and can’t put your finger on what that is, we have inspiration for your next trip.

How would you describe your own connection to transformational travel?

I have always loved to travel and was quite aware of the impact some holidays had on me. However, I realised the true power travel has when I started travelling with more intent, as in not booking my usual holiday to sit on a beach for two weeks, but instead using my time off as a chance to get fitter, eat healthier or try new things. It was after holidays like this that I would return home not feeling like I needed another holiday, but with new healthier habits which are now part of everyday life.

However, the catalyst to take the leap and start a transformational travel business was after the loss of my lovely mother. It brought me to a crossroads and I decided I needed more guidance on and understanding of the grief process. It was by doing this that my journey really started. By taking a spiritually focused trip it allowed me to transform my overall outlook on life, to heal and live more peacefully. I felt that if I had benefited so much from just one experience, it had to be worth sharing with others searching for a similar kind of transformation. It certainly cemented my determination to use my knowledge and experience within the travel industry to create something in the travel world which had the power to impact positively on people’s lives: We Love Transformational Travel.

What does the platform offer that many others don’t?

We cover the wide range of potential life changing trips, whereas others focus on a certain category alone, like Health & Fitness or Mind & Spirituality. Transformation is highly personal, and it doesn’t always mean that you must go and sit cross-legged and in silence for two weeks.

It may be something as straight forward as a cooking course in Ireland, where you learn how to cook properly for yourself, family, or friends when you return home, or you go solo on a trip for the first time, and you return with more confidence having got to know yourself a bit better and met new friends from around the world who have opened your mind.

We screen every Transformer we work with to ensure they give travellers the tools and opportunities to change their lives, no matter how small or big those changes may seem.

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