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Sarah Girgis
Transforming Lives Since
United Arab Emirates
Passionate About
Helping others become fitter

Sarah Girgis is the Founder of Befitreat, a boutique all-inclusive fitness retreat based in the UAE and Thailand.

The tragic loss of her father in 2012 made Sarah more aware of her own health and fitness, and she vowed to lead as healthy a life as possible. It was this journey to inner and outer wellbeing that inspired her to share her learnings and knowledge with others.
In 2015, in memory of her father, she took a break from her corporate career, became a UK-certified personal trainer and travelled to the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand, where she embarked on an eight week fitness journey with Tiger Muay Thai, the biggest martial arts & fitness camp in the world. This trip changed her life forever.

In 2018, Sarah launched BeFitreat, moved to Phuket and started welcoming guests from all around the world to embark on this journey she was truly passionate about. Business was booming and she was living a very happy life in Phuket. In early 2020 COVID struck, so she was forced to pack her belongings, shut the doors for business and headed back to Copenhagen, where she grew up.

In August 2020, when visiting a friend in Dubai, she realised how open Dubai was to travel and that people were hungry for new experiences. She quickly saw the opportunity she had to continue the fitness retreats she missed so much and to ensure her guests were hosted in a safe and secure setting. Fast forward to 2021 and BeFitreat is now headquartered in Dubai, running monthly fitness retreats and exploring new international destinations.

Sarah truly believes that her passion for allowing people to thrive in a fitness retreat setting is what allowed BeFitreat to stay afloat during a global pandemic, develop into new territories and grow a global community of individuals looking to become a fitter and better version of themselves.

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