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Yoga and Walking in Minnesota
From $499
Per Person (Bunk Bus Rate)
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15 Jul 2022 - 17 Jul 2022
3 Days
Root River Trail, Southeastern Minnesota
2 Nights
2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch & 2 Dinners
Small Group
Andrew Boddicker
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How This Trip Will Change Your Life

Reconnect, reinvent, and rediscover yourself in the US wilderness. Yoga and walking awakens and deepens our connection to ourselves, each other and nature. Once you engage with, and use the tools given to you by your guides, you will continue to feel the benefits of your trip long after you return home.


Minnesota is a midwestern state in the US, bordering Canada and Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes. It is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, magnificent forests, beautiful prairieland and sparkling blue lakes dotted around the state.

This three day trip with our Remarkable Transformer, Andrew Boddicker and yoga instructor and wilderness guide, Michelle Wilson, will guide you through yoga practices and peaceful walking along the Root River Trail. Yoga and walking in the wilderness awakens and deepens our connection to ourselves, each other and nature.

You will have a choice of two accommodation options. The first is a bed in the specially made Bunk Bus – each bunk area has a narrow twin spring mattress, outlet, light, and privacy curtain. Or there are private tents that can accommodate one, two, or four people. They are furnished with a bed(s), electricity, a light, fan, and stool and are taken down and set up each night at an additional cost.

Throughout the three days, food is catered, made fresh, or you will have a meal at a local restaurant.

The walking route weaves over the Root River, through valleys, quaint towns, and along bluffs, and much of it is shaded by large trees, providing excellent protection on hot summer days. Distances will vary each day and can range from five to 13 miles. The majority of the trail is a converted railway and as such, is more or less level for the majority of the time. Two short portions of the trail have some steep inclines and the entire distance is paved allowing for safe, unobstructed walking.

What's Included
  • Two nights accommodation (your choice of Bunk Bus or Tents)
  • Two breakfasts, one lunch & two dinners
  • Three days and two nights of fully supported walking
  • Daily yoga sessions and meditation activities
  • A yoga mat/towel if needed
  • Guides for the duration of the walk
  • Guided meditations
  • Journal topics and self-paced meditations
  • Daily, long-distance walks
  • A community of fellow seekers and yoga enthusiasts
  • Transport of your belongings to each stop along the way
  • Access to small kitchen area and lounge in the bespoke Bunk Bus
  • Access to campground shower and bathroom facilities
  • All bedding (sheet, comforter, pillow) and a towel
  • Camping equipment and accessories – i.e. campfire chair, lantern, etc
  • Transportation back to your vehicle at the end of the walk
Travelled SEP, 2021
"I know it was just under 48 hours with Walking Space, but I want you to know that I have experienced a shift. It is a surprising and unexpected shift. My intention was to gain clarity, and I did. However, I gained clarity in a completely different area of my life than what I had in mind. It did not hit me until Monday afternoon. I suddenly had such a strong feeling of being drawn outdoors to walk. I truly WANTED to lace up my shoes and go out and walk. So, I did. I think the clarity I gained was around walking as spiritual therapy. Suddenly, I no longer consider it exercise, and it is not feeling like exercise that I "should" do every day. I'm drawn by an invisible force to go out and walk as something important and nurturing that I need to do for myself. I am feeling the elements and walking in a more awakened manner. It's really something. This is the gift of the time I spent with Walking Space, and I am grateful for it."
Travelled JUL, 2021
"I can't thank you enough for this contemplative, relaxing, wonderful weekend. From yours and Ian's welcoming demeanors to your genuine kindness for all of us. It was so wonderful to share stories, share good food and great coffee in the morning, to relax with yoga and experience the quaintness of SE Minnesota. Thank you so very much."
Travelled JUL, 2021
"I would say that I had the most amazing experience, and while it might sound trite, I believe it was life changing for me (only time will tell)! I spent a weekend learning how to open my mind and embrace the connections of my mind and my body, and the natural world around me. It was the ultimate “ME” time. I was cared for and pampered and loved."

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